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International Product Sourcing & Management Specialists

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We are based in India and Australia. Our India office is located amongst some of the most competitive steel fabrication and Manufacturing companies in the world! Here at SESS, our mission is to assist you in securely offshoring your product manufacturing to an Australian Quality standard efficiently and cost-effectively. Established in 2011 with two employees and an idea of a different concept, we have expanded our capabilities to become a fully equipped engineering, sourcing and project management team with presence in India, Australia, Malaysia & Indonesia, and have since worked with many business owners and entrepreneurs to successfully launch and develop fantastic products.

Estimation Services- 1.webp

Estimation Services

Our Qualified Team of Mechanical Engineers provide a comprehensive estimation service.

Drawing Management- 1.webp

Drawing Management

Our Team of Design Engineers provide a comprehensive service including 3D Modelling.

Project Management.webp

Project Management

This is the key to the success of the model. We allocate a PM to each project.

Material Planning & Control- 1.webp

Material Planning &

We ensure that all materials and work processes are monitored closely through Material.

Production Planning & Control- 1.webp

Production Planning & Quality Control

This area is also very critical to maintain a strong focus on the program and the quality.

Drafting & Detailing Services- 1.webp

Drafting & Detailing Services

SESS Drafting & Detailing provides a high quality structural and miscellaneous steel detailing service.



SESS, a company based in India and Australia, specializes in helping businesses securely offshore their product manufacturing to Australian quality standards efficiently and cost-effectively. Established in 2011, SESS has grown into a fully equipped engineering, sourcing, and project management team with a presence in India, Australia, Malaysia, and Indonesia. They have worked with major clients like BHP, Rio Tinto, and Lange O'Rourke, providing valuable services for offshore product supply to global projects.

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Our Team

Thalib Sathaar
(Managing Director- SESS)

Thalib, with 16 years of diverse industry experience, co-founded SESS with Kym to offer a unique offshore sourcing model for Australian companies, ensuring high-quality projects and products. His role as Operations Manager at Thornton Engineering Australia and knowledge in offshore manufacturing have greatly contributed to SESS's success.

Kym Bradford
(Director - SESS)

Kym Bradford, with extensive experience in corporate and private businesses, had a career in sales, including time with Coca Cola and 15 years at ARC and Smorgon Steel. He then ran his own recruitment company and served as a key board member for two large family companies. Kym later became the CEO of Bianco Construction supplies, implementing change and focusing on profitability. His vast business management experience and industry network have played a pivotal role in SESS's successful establishment with Thalib.


 Narayanan Asokan

(Logistics Manager)






(Design Manager)



(Project Director)



(Director Engineering Head)








You have everything to gain and nothing to loose

SESS provides contract manufacturing, sourcing and product development services.

Let us get to know more about your project - what stage you are at and what your goals are - and we will provide you with a free project analysis that includes design and engineering input, potential cost overview, possible timelines, recommended strategies, as well as tips and advice on getting your product idea manufactured properly and cost effectively!

You do not need to share sensitive information on your intellectual property, we only require enough information to help us better understand your project so that we know how best to assist you.

Fill in the form below

*** We will keep your information confidential and covered by non-disclosure policy ***

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  • Where do I Start?
    Let us do a Project Analysis with you. We will outline how it works. We will answer all your questions. We will allocate a specific Project Manager for your project.
  • Who do I Trust?
    The Australian owners of SESS are directly involved. Our Office & Staff are focussed on selecting the right Vendor for your product. Our reputation is essential to be maintained and our thorough research of all Vendors is critical to maintaining this. You are working with a company that is represented in both Australia and India.
  • How do I overcome the language barrier?
    Our operations are both in Australia and India providing you with the confidence that our staff communicate in both languages helping to overcome this difficulty. If you have an issue there is always someone who you can communicate easily in English.
  • How do I control Quality?
    From the beginning this has been our strongest emphasis, this is our job. Our reputation over the last 6 years has been developed based on being absolutely focussed on achieving this important element of your project.
  • How do I manage the Logistics?
    Our Vendors and SESS play a strong part in managing this critical element of your orders. We also work closely with you in the management of customs and importation issues.
  • Will I get what I ordered?
    As part of our service we ensure that not only is the product a quality one but also what gets packed and loaded is closely managed by our Project Manager for your project.



For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: +91 9380225552 or fill out the following form

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Head Office

Ground Floor, No. 65, Kannagi Street, LIC Colony, Near Chitlapakkam Lake, East Tambaram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu- 600 059, India

Phone (India): +91 93802 25552

Phone (AUS): +61 403 361 620


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