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Drafting & Detailing Services

SESS Drafting & Detailing provides a high quality structural and miscellaneous steel detailing service serving customers who require a high quality service and a focus on prompt delivery. Having begun the operations in 2011, SESS Drafting & Detailing is well equipped to meet customer aspirations through a successful combination of qualified and experienced project managers, well skilled detailers and the latest software. For every steel detailing requirement we have a solution at our disposal to offer to our customers. Our proficiency in delivering efficient solutions to our clients has facilitated our reputation as reliable service providers grow in the field of steel detailing. To support our increasing clientele we have grown from being a four man operation to one with access to 100+ employees. We have access to three detailing facilities on an area of 5,500 sq.ft. which can deliver a monthly average of about 4000 Metric Tons for a range of simple to complex structures.

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We provide complete Drafting & Detailing of shop drawings for a steel fabricator. This is a full service of steel drafting and detailing services for all types of steel structures using Tekla Structures Software.

We offer detailed plans, drawings and other documents for the manufacture of steel members including Columns, Beams, Braces, Trusses, Stairs, Handrails, Joists, Metal Decking etc used in the construction of a wide variety of projects

Some of the major factors that have helped us set high benchmark and achieve our goal of delivering a quality design which adheres to industry standards and have thereby expedite project completion are:

  • Our team of talent with a vast experience in their field of expertise.

  • Latest in the field software for 3D Modelling : Tekla Structure.

  • State of art technology which ensure smooth interaction with our clientele.

  • Information security norms which are stringent and specially designed to safe guard the data shared by our client and its confidentiality.



All the machines are of latest configuration with 21" LED monitors and connected in Domain setup environment with switches. We are equipped with scanner, wide format printers. Adequate power supply and redundancy provisions are available.


Tekla Structures,O365,K7 Antivirus, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8.1,Excel templates and FTP tools. We can offer services in your desired format as well.

Internet Access:

Adequate Internet Bandwidth with redundant lines support from two different service providers with back up option. Bandwidth is available on demand. Access is restricted through firewalls protection and suitable privileges.

When you use SESS Drafting & Detailing you get access to the following:

  • Sub-assembly sheets.

  • Drawings produced in Imperial or Metric measurement formats.

  • Preparation of Layouts and Details for Conveyor Bridges with open / enclosed gantries.

  • Weld Numbering / Weld Mapping.

  • Consistent communication with an experienced staff to produce on-time, results that meet your budget.

  • Connection Design with calculation.

  • Production files like NC Data file, KISS file, Fabtrol list, etc.

  • Material List, Assembly list, Part List, Bolt List, Drawing Index.

  • 3D Modeling Using Tekla Structures.

  • Bolt Summaries and Bolt Assembly Lists.

  • File Types for shipment ( DWG/DXF/PDF/TIFF/PLT).

  • Misc metals detailing (stairs, ladders, platforms etc.)

  • Fabrication Drawings, Erection Drawings & Part Drawings.

  • Latest technology that allows synchronized viewing of the project model from multiple locations promoting immediate solutions to all members of the construction team

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