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1. First Consultation

Our team at SES Services will review your project extensively - whether you are looking to develop a new product idea from scratch or set up your offshore manufacturing back-end for an existing product line, we can assist you to do both. You can expect to receive actionable advice, tips on strategy, and other input you need to get your product made properly and delivered on schedule, while avoiding the common pitfalls associated with production overseas.

2. Create a Project Plan

Based on the information you provide in initial discussions our offshore manufacturing specialists will then craft a customized project plan just for you. Every detail of the offshore manufacturing process will be laid out in this action plan, and we'll also include an estimate of what you can expect in terms of time and cost investment, to bring your product to launch.

3. We Do the Rest

If you engage us you will receive full support from a team of product development and manufacturing specialists on the ground at each location to ensure that every aspect of your project progresses smoothly. We partner with some of the best manufacturing facilities in the world, and having us on your team means you can focus on what you do best, while your products are made reliably at the best level of quality.

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