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Our Offshore Manufacturing Setup & Management (OMS) Service :

  • Design analysis and production validation.

  • Sourcing and materials selection & vendor qualification.

  • Price & Terms Negotiation across all vendors.

  • Pre-production samples created & sent to you for approval.

  • Tooling and mold building to insure that design meets quality, function, and cost-to-produce standards.

  • Factory visitation and qualification review to guarantee reliable, ethical vendors across entire supply chain.An expert team of engineers and project managers to guide you through the entire outsource manufacturing process till the goods are delivered to your door.

  • Detailed quality inspection of goods before shipping out to ensure quality compliance.

  • Rock-solid protection of your intellectual property rights.

  • Competitive shipping rates by batching orders with other clients .

  • Smooth customs clearance and final delivery to your door/warehouse/storage facility.


New Product Development

SES employs highly technical Mechanical, Design and Quality Engineers to not only propose design improvements to existing products but also new products that are closely aligned with your business. All of this is done to improve functionality and minimizing cost to produce. Working with SES together we can explore new products from concept to technical specifications then bring your product to life.

Sourcing & Purchasing

SES has a network of contacts in offshore manufacturing that covers most areas of steel products in a number of countries in South East Asia, China and India. Due to our collective bargaining power we are able negotiate excellent prices and terms for all products on behalf of our clients. From the cutting edge of technology to more traditional industries our expert sourcing team ensures that you get access to the materials and manufacturing processes you need to make your project a success.

Project Consulting & Management

Whether you are in the early stages or part way through of your project we have the team to assist in making these critical technical and strategic decisions that will play a significant part in the success of your product or project.

Our objective is to highlight the best technology, materials and manufacturers to use in the development and production of your product allowing you the time to focus on the development and sales culminating in a successful product.

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